Friday, February 18, 2011

Over 100 charged in US healthcare fraud

The US today charged over 100 doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, including some of Indian-origin, for their involvement Medicare fraud totalling USD 225 million, in one of the biggest crackdowns on federal healthcare fraud in the country.

The 111 people charged across nine cities are accused of various healthcare fraud-related crimes, including conspiracy to defraud Medicare, criminal false claims, money laundering and aggravated identify theft.

Medicare is a government insurance programme that covers Americans who are 65 and older. About 45 million elderly and disabled Americans are enrolled in taxpayer-funded Medicare plans.

Collectively, the doctors, nurses, health care company owners falsely billed Medicare more than USD 225 million.

"With this takedown, we have identified and shut down large-scale fraud schemes operating throughout the country. 

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