Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wayne Rogers' 5 Rules to "Unconventional Success"

Wayne Rogers currently the head of the investment firm Wayne Rogers & Co. and Chairman of the largest wedding dress retailer in the country, Kleinfeld Bridal, which is the focus of the TLC reality show, "Say Yes to the Dress." .

In his new book, Make Your Own Rules : A Renegades Guide to Unconventional Success, Rogers talks about his journey and outlines his method for success in many areas.

He said knowledge plus creativity does not necessarily equal success, you have to have a passion about what it is you are doing. .

Here are his five rules to unconventional entrepreneurial success :

Rule # 1 : Find people you can work withand trust.

Rule # 2 : Dare to do what is not expected. Question the status quo. But keep a firm eye on reality. Creativity becomes useless when it crosses the border into fantasy.

Rule # 3 : To level the playing field, know what youre up against. Make it your business to know the rules and regulations that affect your business.

Rule # 4 : Do your homeworkand legwork. Improving standard business practices starts with understanding why they became standard in the first place.

Rule # 5 : Just ask the customer. Its not rocket science. The customer has always been and will always be the best source for solutions to business problems.

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